Friday, December 19, 2008

Going to Extremes

Our yard resembled this last night as I was putting the kids to bed.I say resembled because Brady took that picture when he got a hold of my camera earlier. It had rained some but most of the snow remained at bedtime. This is lunchtime today.Zeus is in my window because they are open! It was 63 when I returned home from a morning of watching a Christmas musical and then grocery shopping so I aired out the front part of my house. It got cool about a bit ago forcing me to shut them again. Then I finished wrapping gifts. One needs a little warm weather to get into the Christmas spirit.

The kids returned to school today, of course, so they can say they went the last day before Christmas vacation. They performed their Christmas program and it was sweet. The kids (and teacher) did a wonderful job on it. I attended this mornings performance and they were still working out a couple of kinks after not being able to go through the dress rehearsal they usually have but it was still impressive. These kids had one day of school this week and came back to put on a show. Kindergarten performed Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer and it included a small boy and girl putting on a dance for the audience during the lull of singing and at the end. I was there early enough to see them perform the dance during a practice before the show and it was darling! But the great dance came during the actual show. For good measure, the class was wearing reindeer antler headbands. The young man was wearing his antlers while dancing (she was not) and not long after starting their dance, he lost his. So he stopped dancing to put them back on his head while she was trying get him to take her hand and start back up again. They managed to pull off the final pose of that section and the little girl started fussing at him. She eventually picked up singing again and then he dipped her at the end. As soon as the music stopped, she threw her hands on her hips and started letting him have it. The audience was enjoying the show that wasn't supposed to be. She's primed for marriage, let me tell ya!

Then came the first and second graders. All I can say is I love the dynamics of kids. Their second song (I don't remember the name) was fun to watch. They started of singing in normal kids voices, average for a group of children debating if they remember the words and movement, until you got to the chorus. Then they started to jump up and down on the risers. As they jumped, their singing got louder. They knew that part! It was very influencing as there were plenty of parents and grandparents in the crowd bouncing their heads with them.

Next were Brady and Belle with the third and fourth grades. I was excited to find that not only were they in the same section of the stage, but Brady was directly in front of Belle, three rows down. Made it easier for me to video tape their performance. I enjoyed watching them perform and really enjoyed the huge yawn Brady let out between songs. Belle got to sit down on the floor and perform their last song on the bells while Brady sang with his class.

Finally, Bryce performed with the fifth and sixth grades. He did very well on his songs and I loved watching him perform his moves to his final songs. I was also glad they didn't have the jumping song because I don't think the risers could've handled it. I don't think 5th and 6th graders when I was in those grades were as big as the ones in the kids school!

But the day didn't come without frustrations. Wal-Mart is a mad house! I fought a buggy with a mind of it's own while I was fighting the crowds. I trudged through, trying to get my grocery shopping finished, only to turn down each aisle and come to a stop. I thought I'd never get to leave.

Also, I amazed by the lack of consideration people have for others. I was one of the first parents in the seats for the kids performance. Having been through this the last three years, I've learned one thing. If you want a decent seat and a decent parking spot, then you have to get there early. I was there just under an hour early, found me a parking spot in the actual parking lot (compared with parking on the side of the parking lot in the grass and mud) and found me a seat at the back of the stands on the top row. This allowed me to see all of the kids without having to worry about if I'm on the wrong side. Shorty after I got seated, people started filing in. A couple of ladies came in and sat down at the end of the row I was on, to my right. Then another couple came in and came up the center of the stairs to sit at the end of the row, to my left. Before they could sit, the lady in the couple realized she recognized one of the ladies to my right and called to say hello before walking my direction with her husband to speak. The lady to my right also got up to speak with them and walked towards them. Then came the problem. I shifted so that the lady in the couple could get past me (her husband was walking a row lower), since they were moving first and I moved when they did, but instead of them moving past me, they met up with the lady directly in front of me! None of them moved one direction or the other and continued to stand there and literally talk over my head. If either one of the ladies moved their feet, they would've been stepped on mine. Was I supposed to move because they happen to reach each other in front of me? Was I invisible? Or are people so insensitive, they could really care less if they are treading on anothers feet and personal space? I was to the point of excusing myself and moving when they finished their conversation. What would you have done?

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