Monday, December 15, 2008

The Talk

This weekend, Hubby and I decided to have the talk with the kids. We asked them if they believed in Santa. We called Brady into the bedroom first and asked him if he believed.

"Yes! I remember waking up on Christmas and hearing Santa outside and his reindeer on the roof and seeing flashing red lights out my window so I turned over and went back to sleep."

There was more but I don't think I could mock his rambling. I wasn't going to break his heart and tell him that the red lights he saw were probably brake lights or Christmas lights across the street. So we let him go on his merry little way, called Belle and Bryce into the bedroom and asked them the same question.

"NO!" was Belle's response.

"Yes." was Bryce's.

So we asked them why. Belle has been listening to our neighbor child tell her over and over again that Santa isn't real because she found the basketball goal Santa brought her last year in the back of her step-dad's truck. Long before Christmas. Belle had been asking me for around the last year and a half if he was real and I kept telling her yes. Then I stopped answering because I was tired of the question.

Bryce swore that he still believed. So I asked him how many kids in his class did.


"How many believed last year?"


So we crossed another milestone and broke the news to them. Bryce cried and said it was because he still believed. I think it was more that he realized the Nintendo DS he wanted wasn't going to come for this Christmas. So today I spent a part of the afternoon wrapping gifts to ensure that if they decided to get nosey and go looking for them they would find wrapped packages. We made sure that they knew they were not to tell Brady. Period. After asking them if they still believed when they were his age and getting yeses, I let them know that he had the right to still believe it, too.

This season is Santa. Will it take another lost tooth before we start confirming the tooth fairy isn't real?

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Ladybird said...

Haley is having a hard time this year. She still wants to believe, but all her friends are starting not to believe. I know this is going to be a really hard thing for me to let go of with EC.