Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I was lazy today. Shocking revelation I know. It's very hard to get restful sleep after waking to a nightmare. It's exponentially harder to sleep after having two nightmares in an hour and what sleep you do get isn't very restful. That was me last night and the nap I attempted this morning after the kids got on the bus turned up empty. So I did nothing all morning except play pogo, check my email and watch Love Actually because I had never seen it. Just after lunch, I decided it was time to use the cookie dough that was in my refrigerator.I made the stockings for the kids after school snack and the bell was mine. I made them so it's only fair that I get to eat them. Then I reasoned it was time for a shower since I had to get Brady and Bryce from ball practice.

About supper time, my neighbor called requesting my assistance babysitting for her while she and her hubby worked on her father-in-law's floor. This is what is currently in my bed. They are anticipating on leaving again tomorrow morning about 4am (they didn't get home until 10 this evening and he was already sacked out) so they are leaving him here with me. Tonight. All night. It's been a long time since I've had one this little all night, but I'm definitely up for the task. Especially since mom believes he'll sleep all night because he dozed off so late.

Brady has been a little jealous of tonight's new addition. He went to bed just before 8 and was still getting up after 9pm. It amazes me at times to know that even though he's as old as he is, he still gets jealous when I babysit.

I'll be back tomorrow possibly with stories on how the night went. And if I survived.


Ladybird said...

How sweet! How old is he?

ShortyMom said...

10 1/2 months. He's a sweetheart let me tell ya. No effort in getting him to sleep..just sing to him and he's out like a light!

Jennifer said...

Awwwwwwwww....but I don't want him!!! I just want so smell him and cuddle him and then give him back to his owner!!
I LOVE POGO!! What's your screen name?

ShortyMom said...

That's the joys of babysitting him. I can cuddle, smell and fuss over him all I want and eventually Mom or Dad comes back for him. His Daddy accused me yesterday of not wanting to move out of state because I couldn't leave the baby.

You can find me at sktmom25 on pogo. Be sure to leave me yours so I can find ya!