Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surviving the First Weekend of Christmas Break

Well, the first weekend of Christmas break has offered us a typical weekend. Full of basketball games. Belle had her game first and they struggled all of the first half. They ended up losing in the end. Then Bryce had his game at their school and his team had no problem gaining a win. Brady's game immediately followed and they played a hard game to pick up a couple of points in the last couple of minutes in the game to ensure a win. Our running started with Belle having to be at her school by 10:30 for pictures. Then to be at the next school for her game, 30 minutes away, by 12. Her coach offered to let all the girls stay with him to support their friends playing in the gym and would bring them all to the school for the game. So she stayed. We finished our day around 5, after both boys finished playing their games. It was a very. long. day.

Today we made up for it. We were lazy today. Hubby had to be at his truck around 1 which made getting to church difficult so we stayed home. We ran to the store so that he could pick up a couple of things to take with him, returned a couple of movies and came home for lunch. When I returned home after dropping him off, I gave the kids control of the computer and tv, and hid in my room with a movie. I washed some laundry, fixed some supper, and cleaned up both bathrooms. Finally, I kicked Belle off the Wii, told Brady to get off the computer and settled down on the couch to watch the Giants play. Belle was stretched out on my hip, Bryce on hers and Brady sitting across my outside leg. We looked like dominoes that had been knocked down, the kids in their pjs, wrapped up in a blanket with pillows for padding. About 8:45, Bryce said, "Why don't we all just go to bed." And so they did.

We didn't get through the weekend without some serious discussions. Brady had his picture taken at Wal-Mart last weekend with Santa and Mrs. Claus (picture to come, my scanners down). He decided he had a question to ask while we were piled up on the couch tonight.

"Mom, did you see the reindeer antlers when I got my picture taken with Santa?"

"Umm, no."

"I did. And they moved, too."

"Umm, ok."

He's determined to make sure Santa is real. It really helped that this Santa had a real beard.

I mentioned here that Hubby fell and hit his head last weekend while working. Last night, as we were headed to bed I felt the need to inform him of some important information.

"Now dear, you do realize that there are clothes hanging in the door frame, right? And you do realize that there are solid walls on either side of that door frame? And that we don't need you to hit your head any more than you already have?"

"Shut up," was his sulky reply. And he didn't hit his head like he has in the past. Guess he learned. This time.

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