Monday, December 8, 2008


Science fair projects were almost complete by the end of Saturday evening and Belle finished hers up Sunday morning when she put her display together. Words cannot describe the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. I loathe science fairs. Brady has a book report due Friday that is completed and Belle has a science study guide due Friday as well. She will be bringing her science book home to complete it since there are no basketball practices for us tonight. I would say I don't have to run but that is not the case. I dropped the kids off this morning so their experiments got there in good form and will be returning to the school here shortly for the awards ceremony and to collect their items so they don't carry it all home on the bus. So much for an easy day.

All three kids had basketball games this weekend. Unfortunately, Brady and Belle's games were at the exact same time at two different schools. So Hubby to Belle to hers while I went with Brady. I got the good end of the deal. Bryce had his game at the same school Belle's game was to be held at. I got to attend this game since there was just enough time for us to get back to town, split vehicles and get to our respective schools. The referees at the first school left something to be desired, as they could not call a foul if their life depended on it. Or at least, not for our team. (Hubby said they had improved by Belle's game. Maybe too many angry parents?) We had a feeling things were going to get a little rough when a kid from the game playing before Bryce's took a ball square to the nose when he jumped trying to stop it from being thrown in. He stopped it all right. And the game for the next few minutes. He was fine and returned to the game a little later but Hubby had to make a comment about the kids that were got hurt in that game and were getting hurt in Bryce's game. So I told him to hush because it could be one of our three that got hurt. And it was. Belle's game was just as rough as the boys games. One of her teammates landed flat on her back when she fell on the floor. Luckily, she knew enough to hold her head to her chest and was stunned. Belle got hurt as well. Not sure of the whole story (good thing) but she ended up being tripped, there was a pile up of players and Belle caught a shoe to the back of her neck. We think. She's been sore the last couple of days but fine thank goodness. They went on to win their game, Bryce lost his game and Brady won his. Brady's game was uneventful since the team is a group of kids from 2nd and 3rd grades, most of whom have never played basketball before. Just like their opponents. He did receive a foul and got to make shots (he missed) and turned around in the next thirty seconds and fouled the kid who got his rebound. Yes I said uneventful. Compared to Bryce's, it was totally uneventful. I have to admit that out of all three kids, Brady is the one we didn't have to teach to be aggressive on the basketball court. It just came natural. Ahem.

It's been cold here, so cold that a coat is required. I've been wearing Hubby's (fits over my oversize shirts better than mine) and I have been known to come in and lay the coat on the couch when I need it later. Callie decided to take advantage one morning and used the coat as her bed. She climbed in just after I took it off and left the room. She is currently soaking in the warmth from my open laptop as she naps on the keyboard. Good thing I'm not wanting to use that one right now.

Callie and Zeus have been taking advantage of my love seat being left in the middle of the floor as a divider instead of against the wall. You can find them stretched out across the back of it regularly for one of their midday snoozes.And Callie loves the beaded garland that I have put up on my tree. If I have put that garland on the tree once, I have put it on 15 times. It goes back up at least once a day and is waiting on me to fix it now. Gracie and Cheech have been helping her with the task, as they have gotten in it a couple of times while playing with each other.

Hubby and I also celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary yesterday. To mark the occasion, we rented Wanted, put the kids to bed and watched it. Since my last pair of clean jeans were on my body (well I guess they weren't clean anymore since I had been wearing them all day), we had to wait until the washer stopped washing so that I could have them dried by this morning. So we finished off the night by watching the rest of the Ravens-Red Skins game and waiting on the washer. Full of fun, aren't we?


Ladybird said...

Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe the you guys have been married for 12 years! Clay and Lauren celebrate one year today.

Jennifer said...

Oh I hate children's sports!! It brings out the absolute worst in me. I frequently have to absent myself from the event so I don't become the cover story in People magazine!! As in "Crazed Parent Strangles Ref With Whistle as Horrified Children Scream"!!!

ShortyMom said...

Thanks Ladybird!

I haven't gotten to the point of physical harm to the ref but you can hear me screaming "come on!" from the stands on a regular basis.