Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Wishes

You know it's Christmas eve when the kids do what they're told almost immediately or if they do it before they're told. Just a little bit ago, Belle was told to empty the dishwasher and she jumped on it. Bryce was told he needed to take out the trash and he had it outside before I knew it and Brady chose to get out the trash bag before he was told to do so. Too bad they can't act like it's Christmas eve year round.

Monday, I got up and went about my daily duties. Made sure the kids had breakfast and lunch. Washed loads of laundry. Baked a batch of Christmas cookies so there are some to be left for Santa. By supper, everything had gone downhill. Belle wanted the neighbor to stay with us and I refused. We had to go get Hubby from his truck early Tuesday morning and I didn't want to have to wake an extra child to do it. By sun down, I was freezing and felt horrible. I even took a hot bath hoping that I would feel better, to no avail. So I put the kids to bed at 9 and I was in bed twenty minutes later. By 2:30 am, I was drenched in sweat from the fever I had been running. I went back to sleep minutes later. Hubby woke me at 7:30 with a phone call on Tuesday, and I realized I had a headache rumbling just below the surface. Meds managed to keep it from coming on full force but I'm still not sure what brought on the fever.

Yesterday, I felt better after the medicine kicked in. When Hubby called, needing me to come get him, I got the kids ready and stepped outside to find a layer of ice over everything. I got a block down the street when I saw an accident in the parking lot of a group of duplexes. Then about a quarter of a mile down the road I found an SUV that had spun up a hill. So I called Daddy and made the loop back home. After a nap, I made one batch of chocolate and one batch of peanut butter fudge. I made a round of chocolate chip cookies. A pot of chili was put in the crock pot for supper and I even braved Wal-Mart. I washed lots of laundry.

This morning, it was dark when I woke up at 9. Keep in mind that I was up after 1am this morning struggling to get to sleep. It was pouring outside and I promise you could swim in my backyard. I've sent Hubby to the store for a couple of things that I would end up needing tomorrow when the stores are closed. And I've gotten a Christmas picture of the kids.Hubby was making faces above my head while Brady was determined he was not going to break.I told Brady for this one I wanted a real smile and not one of those fake ones he's known for. He finally laughed just in time.

We have plans to go to my parents tonight and I'm off to play Yahtzee with everyone now. Hope you all have a very wonderful and safe Christmas!

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Ladybird said...

Hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas!