Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Day

Yesterday was supposed to be the beginning of a very crazy week. Bryce and Belle both had basketball practice immediately after school. Then they were scheduled to have a strings concert at 6:30 at the high school. Today, Brady had basketball practice after school. Belle and Bryce are scheduled with ball practices again tomorrow after school and Brady has one at 4:30. Thursday, Belle has her class Christmas party. Friday, the boys have their party and it is also the day of the school Christmas musical. However, the meteorologists in this area have been spouting off terms like "Winter Weather Warning," "Freezing Rain," and "Sleet" for the last few days. The kids went to school yesterday, while I spent a big part of the day watching the weather and news to see if they were coming home early. The school eventually dismissed a whopping five minutes early. When I went to the school to pick the kids up from practice, there wasn't any form of precipitation in sight. When I left, my windshield had a nice, light layer of ice on it where freezing rain had dropped and it froze instantly to my van. Not five minutes after I made it home, the ice picked up and didn't slow down until sometime during the night. Bryce had informed me during his practice that the strings concert had been cancelled last night as well. While they were disappointed, I was excited to not have to drive in the mess.

Last night, the school cancelled classes for today. Those of you who know this school district know that they never cancel classes until the very last second. Ordinarily, I would've had to get up at six this morning to watch the news and discover that there was no school. I had intentions on keeping this tip to myself and putting the kids to bed at their normal bedtimes since neither Bryce nor Brady had wanted to get up yesterday morning. Unfortunately, one of Belle's friends called and tipped her off that school was out. And she shouted it to the rest of the house.

I awoke to find this. Notice that you see not one footprint in the mess. No kids prints, no animal prints because it is nothing but ice with a bit of snow thrown in for good measure. Not only are schools in the area closed but local libraries, colleges, banks, and the neighborly IRS office is closed as well.

I was prepared physically for today. I had spaghettios, hot chocolate and pizza rolls ready to go for lunch. I made sure that I picked up extra milk, muffins for breakfast and that I had plenty of bread. I was not prepared mentally or emotionally for today. I love snow but I hate that the kids feel that they can do whatever, whenever, however because it is white outside. They are just now headed back outside after spending an hour in their rooms, considering how they've behaved today. Now it's time to see if attitudes change over the next little bit. Oh, and it's snowing. Again.


Ladybird said...

We got very little ice. Just enough to glaze over the windshield of my car....but Tennessee panics and called off school. Ahh, the joys of the south.
I hope that it clears up before Thursday. EC and I are headed to KY for a long weekend.

ShortyMom said...

I'm hoping tomorrow should be warm enough to start melting streets. They've already cancelled school here tomorrow.