Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools

April Fools is a horrible holiday. One that I probably enjoyed as a child but now know how my parents felt. I had forgotten what day it was until I read an article on the top ten pranks. Then I went about my day and forgot it again. Until the kids got home. Brady tried immediately to get me to fall for a prank. After a few minutes, the pranks fell off and we went about our afternoon of homework and playtime until we picked Bryce up from violin practice. We had a couple more pranks in the car on the way home and they stopped. Completely. Some days I'm glad of their short memory spans.

I have a routine that I go through every night before I go to bed and part of that routine is checking on the kids. I do this to make sure they are still under their blankets, that they are not too warm or cold, and to make sure they are still in their beds. I have this irrational fear someone may take them from me when my guard is down (bedtime). When I checked on the boys, I almost fussed at Brady for still being up. Until my mind kicked in enough to realize that Brady was not as big as the figure I was looking at and fear crept into my heart. That is until I actually paid attention to what I was looking at.

Now this picture does not do the effect justice. This picture was taken this morning after the kids had left for school and does not give the impression of what I saw last night. Notice the night light just past the dog's right paw. Imagine, just for a moment, seeing a figure's shape illuminated by that light and dark from behind. Yep. That's exactly what I saw. A shadowy figure. A few seconds later, after my mind had run through all of the worst case scenarios that it could muster, I started to notice that the shape looked familiar. Very familiar. And then it hit me what I was actually looking at. Brady had decided to play some before going to sleep.You could almost see the look of accomplishment when I told him this morning he almost gave me a heart attack. He pulled off the ultimate April Fool's joke and didn't even know it.

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Ladybird said...

Birddog told me the he spent alot of money on a lawnmower....and I freaked out. How were we going to afford it? I spent the afternoon trying to shuffle money in accounts to cover the check......but then he told me that he got a used mower from a family member for free. I could have shot him! I was the April Fool!