Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Break

My kids are on spring break this week. Oh. My. Gosh. This weekend was fairly uneventful, but Hubby was home. Because he drives night shift, he usually will stay up on Sunday nights so that he can sleep on Monday and get on schedule. Sunday he laid down after giving the kids night and good-bye hugs so that he could nap. It was almost midnight before I made it to bed and he got up. I woke at six, remembering that our new trash man (our old one sold out to a company I despise) would be picking up at seven am and that I had forgotten to have Bryce take it down to the end of the driveway. So I got up and had Hubby do it. By the time I got back to sleep it was after 7:30 and I got up at 9. Belle was just getting up and I had to wake Brady at 9:30 (Bryce got up before Hubby left at 8). My odd sleeping pattern left me with a headache that progressively got worse throughout the day. So I drugged myself. About suppertime, I took two Tylenol and a benedryl to help my aching head. I have a love/hate relationship with allergy/sinus products, especially benedryl. I love the fact that it can ease some of my headaches (except my migraines). It took care of my headache Monday with in no time. But. (There's always a but.) It makes me so. darn. sleepy. One benedryl can move me to the point that it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. It amazes me that this little pink pill can make me want to sleep so badly. Belle wanted two kids from the neighborhood to stay with us Monday night, but there was no way possible that I had the energy for that. I talked with Hubby at 9 and by 10, I was to the point of no return. I went to bed just after 10 and within five minutes I was out. Cold.

I got up Tuesday morning feeling much better. My head didn't hurt and I slept soundly. I encouraged the kids to play outside because rain was in the forecast (along with a cold front) and I didn't know when it would be here or how cold it was going to get. At some point during the afternoon, they got to playing with a few of the neighborhood kids again. Bryce and Brady wanted the boy they were playing with to stay last night. So I said fine. The Belle calls to ask if his little sister can stay too. Well you know I can pick and choose between siblings. I have three kids and we've been through it. So she stayed as well. It was 3am before they finally quit.

Three. I started winding them down at 1am. Before it was all said and done, Bryce and Brady had begun arguing about sleeping arrangements among other things. Finally, the friend slept in the top bunk, Bryce slept in Brady's bottom bunk and Brady slept in my bed. Belle and her buddy slept on an air mattress in the living room. It has been a very long time since one of my kids have slept in the bed with me. Hubby and I prided ourselves on the fact that we didn't allow our children to begin sleeping in our bed with us. I didn't sleep much. Bryce and Brady are currently exhausted, though they won't admit that. Belle is as well, but had been invited earlier (before the three am crash) to spend the night with another friend tonight and she is at her house. I warned friend's step-dad about last nights bedtime and that if they were ready to wind them down feel free to put Belle to bed. She needed it. And hopefully it will make their night a little easier. Mine will be. As soon as the boys finish supper and go to bed, long before midnight.

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M said...

Reading this brings back bettersweet memories of those days with my kids. With the ages they are now I can tellyou there will definately come a time that you will miss these days. Now if I am up half the night it isnt' because they have friends over it is because they aren't home and I don't know where they are since they never called to tell me they weren't coming home. Wit hte things that go through your mind at 3am under those circumstances I would rather have fighting sleep overs instead.
Hope you reoovered from everything and are finally rested