Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It seems that each day that passes shows me again just how different my kids are. Each of my children have their own idiosyncrasies that amazes me. Just how all three kids can be so different and come from the same parents? Even though Bryce and Belle both have brown hair and brown eyes, each have completely different shades of color. Brady's hair is blond that is getting darker each and every day and he has bluish colored eyes. The only thing that all of them consistently have are freckles and seeing how both Hubby and I have them I could only assume they were destined to have them.

Besides their physical differences, they each have their own completely different personalities. Bryce is a crier. Someone can look at him wrong and he'll bawl. I can't tell you how long I waited for him to outgrow the whiny stage for him to never outgrow it. Belle is my tattle-tell. If someone is doing something wrong, she's the one to share it with someone in charge. And Brady is the baby. I'm not saying that he acts like a baby but he is definitely the baby in the family. If you know a family or are a member of one with more than one child then you know exactly what I'm talking about. He almost always expects to get his way, even though he doesn't always get it. He is the one that has been trying to keep up with Bryce and Belle since he was born. Walked fast, talked fast, never seemed to walk but ran every where he went just trying to keep up with them.

School is different. It doesn't matter which teacher I talk to, the responses from them are almost always the same. They're great kids. They listen well, participate in class, great students. Know the saying that your children are better for other people than they are for you? Their teachers show this to me every time I go to a parent-teacher conference. Yesterday I got a letter that I've never received from school before, one that changes things.

Brady got off the bus yesterday talking about how he had to read and he had a letter. He never said the letter was for me so I didn't think anything of it when he said it over and over again. Until he handed it to me. Sealed with the school logo and addressed to the parents of Brady. Apparently Brady has impressed his teachers in class and with testing so much, that he has been placed in what they call the Primary Talent Pool at his school. Basically it says the teachers want to challenge him more in class and prepare him for formal testing for Gifted/Talented in 4th grade (he's in second now). I was never eligible for G/T when I was in school. I never realized that the school had that club until I looked up one day and certain students were leaving class to go to another. (Hubby didn't attend the local elementary schools here). Brady is the only of all three kids to be placed in this pool. He finally is no longer following Bryce and Belle. He's starting a path of his own. We couldn't be more proud.

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Ladybird said...

Too Cool! Tell him that I said congratulations.

Apparently, I was chosen to be in G/T, but chose not to be. Mom said that I cried because I didn't want to be gifted or talented. LOL!