Thursday, April 10, 2008

Everyone's a Winner

The kids are still recovering from their long night. And so am I. Have you ever had to walk someone through a computer program after being up until 3am? No? I don't recommend it. Especially if the program you are walking through is a program you have never laid eyes on. Kinda hard to focus on the task at hand when your thoughts resemble scrambled eggs and the thinking process takes more effort than it should ever have to take.

The boys were in bed by 9pm. Belle did not make it through her sleep over last night. She called me just after 11, not long after I had gone to bed, to let me know she wanted to come home. The friend's mother offered to bring her home so that I didn't have to wake the boys to come pick her up. She came in and went right to bed. I wish I could say I did the same. I was up until after 1am (in bed, tossing) but that's a whole other topic. The kids all slept fairly well as far as time. Not one of them came into my room before 9am and I don't recall hearing any of them before 8:30 (about the time I woke up). They all had a pretty rough day yesterday, with attitudes and tempers flaring because they were so tired. I hoped today would be better.

Today they mostly lounged around but got a little rambunctious from time to time. The weather radio alarm went off this morning, to the tune of tornado watches until 5pm. The kids don't understand the concept of a watch. No matter how many times I explain that it's just a watch, does not mean that we will actually have a tornado, they still panic. They were kinda iffy on going out to play because of the high winds after that, so I didn't really argue that they didn't spend much time out today. They behaved pretty well when an couple of people came around selling cancer insurance. I had no intention on taking out a policy, but for every 50 people they spoke with, they would donate money to "Wigs for Kids" (I think, one of those companies) so I couldn't turn that down. Bryce started complaining about supper time that he didn't feel very well. I knew then that I would be putting them to bed at an earlier time tonight. The fact that ER had a a new episode airing tonight had absolutely nothing to do with it and I in no way warned them in advanced that they were going to be in bed by 9 so that I could watch it. Never happened. Yeah.

They have been bugging me to have a family game night but it just hasn't worked out with sleepovers. So tonight after I got the dishes washed and table cleaned they chose their game. The new "updated" version of Monopoly. The one were Boardwalk square is no longer Boardwalk and instead of costing $400 it now costs $4,000,000. Try to explain to a seven year old that he owes his sister $220,000 for rent on Disneyworld. Makes for an interesting time. The rules have a "quick game" version (about an hour or so) that has the banker mixing the property cards and randomly dealing three pieces of property to each player at no cost. This is the game we played (keeping an eye on 9pm). At 8:30, Bryce and Belle were laying down across chairs because "I'm tired" or "I'm bored". So I started making trades on property, buying up houses and encouraging them to buy houses in order to start bankrupting people. When they started to get on each others nerves and stepping on each others toes I declared the game over and it to be bed time. (ER had nothing to do with that. Ahem.) By now it is 9pm. Bryce asks the all important question, "Who won?"

"We all won. No one ran out of money."

Not one complaint was made that the game wasn't completely over and there was not one person angry because they lost. They were all happy that they weren't the loser that they all got up, brushed their teeth and made their way to bed. And I settled in my chair to watch my show. Now if I could get to sleep.

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