Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Hit'im Mom!!"

A few weeks ago, I picked up another Guitar Hero for my sister-in-law, because she couldn't find one where she lives. She has yet to come pick it up and doesn't know when she will be able to make it. Hubby told her he was going to borrow it so that we could compete against each other. (We're looking into buying just another guitar to do this regularly). We had our first round last night.

Brady was so excited as Hubby and I battled it out, that he kept hollering "Hit'im Mom!!" each and every time that I received "battle stars" to do so. You earn battle stars when they show up on the notes and you proceed to play the notes correctly. Then you can use those stars to attack the other player, resulting in them (usually) playing worse and their popularity going down. Bryce finally got so excited about the game, he yells "Hit'im like an old man!" Don't know where he got it, but the damage was done. We were laughing so hard by that point that neither of us were hitting too many correct notes. Never a dull moment here.

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