Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Someone is enjoying a laugh today at my expense. The last few days have been trying my patience to no end. First of all, Sophie has come into heat. And Cheech is not fixed either. Nor is the neighbors dog (Hi MA!). So for the last few days, I have been checking my yard before letting her outside to potty while keeping Cheech completely away from her as much as I can. If I haven't realized that he's wandered off, she lets me know it with the growl and snap that follows. The bad thing is while they are separated, Cheech will whine, cry and howl. Wait it out and he'll move on? Not this dog. She is like a mother to him, since she was here and set in her ways when we brought him home. Had to leave her at the vet last summer for a couple of nights and he whined the entire time she was gone. Liked to have drove me nuts! Have two dogs of the opposite sex who aren't fixed? Run to the nearest reputable vet and have one or both of them fixed! It will save your sanity!

Last night was a rough night. I went to bed about 10:30 and the pets made it difficult for me to get completely down. Cheech was whining from his crate. It took five times with "Hush!!!" before he finally stopped and went to sleep. Zeus decided that he needed to join Cheech in making the night a long one by going nuts. Whenever I went to adjust my comforter around my head, he would let out this long evil meow/growl. So I kept moving him back to the foot of the bed, where was actually supposed to be! After the third time, I went after my spray bottle. Three more of those meow/growls and three squirts at him to match, he finally went to the foot of the bed and stayed there for the night. By then it was 11.

So around two this morning I awoke from a nice nightmare. Have you ever noticed that as an adult, your nightmares are more intense? Instead of running from a huge dinosaur that wants to eat you - a dinosaur that you know is not real and cannot possible chase you to eat you - you are staring into the face of a man with a knife that wants to order you to drive your car to places he wants to go. Anyway. I'm sure that dream had nothing to do with the fact that I watched Medium last night and a carjacking was discussed. The scenario on tv was absolutely nothing like what happened in my head. The show had just mentioned a carjacking. My dream actually had me hijacked. That left me trying to go back to sleep without the joys of being able to curl up next to Hubby for security. So I called him and he didn't hear the phone in the truck. I finally dozed off about 4:30 and less than an hour later he called. And I was up. I did what should've been the next logical thing. I put the kids on the bus and laid back down about a half hour later. Unfortunately I was proven wrong on this because I had to separate the dogs so that I didn't have to worry about what they were doing. I put Cheech in the front bathroom and let Sophie run the house. He whined and I told him to hush. And he whined some more. And more. Then the howling started. If I'm lucky, I may have gotten an hour worth of sleep during the three hours that I laid there.

I knew that my yard needed mowing and that I had really wanted to do it yesterday but I was so tired from the night before that I didn't bother. I got up from my "nap" this morning and changed clothes to get started. I filled up the push mower, pulled it out from it's resting place to my starting point and...

The darn thing refused to start. I tried four different times and it just would not start.

So I figured that I'd get the riding mower out and just mow as closely as I could to the trimming areas. It took me a couple of minutes to find the key to unlock the shed (since Hubby loves to hide things from the children on top of the fridge and forgets that us short people can't see up there without a chair). I unlocked the shed, moved the kids bikes out of the way, sat down on the seat and noticed that I was sitting funny. The mower wasn't level. Yep. The back tire is flat. No big deal. I'll air it back up. But Hubby has taken the cord off of his compressor and I can't find it. Thirty minutes after I stepped outside to mow, I walked back inside defeated. I gave up. Apparently, I was not supposed to mow today after all.

Anything else that I need to do today that someone doesn't want me to? Please warn me in advanced so I don't waste time trying to prepare for it. Thanks.

Update - I received a text message on my phone earlier asking me what I was doing from a number that I did not recognize. After sending back a message asking if I knew the person, they assured me I did but never offered their name. I let them know that I didn't have their number in my address book they said they must have a wrong number. Shortly after that, I received a call from a local business about a payment that I had due in their computer. A payment that I made at the beginning of the month. Almost as soon as I answered the phone, the lady on the other end realized that the payment was in their system and she had "overlooked" it. The check had cleared. How do you overlook that?

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