Sunday, April 20, 2008

Six or Twelve Pack

This has been an interesting week and it just keeps getting better. I mowed a neighbors yard and our backyard for the first time this season on Thursday (Hubby mowed our front yard a week ago today). The tops of my forearms and hands and the back of my neck are sunburned. Seriously sunburned. So much so that I put lotion on them earlier tonight just trying to ease the itch that came with it. It hasn't helped much.

Hubby got to come home early this week and was home early, early Saturday morning. Early as in 1:30am. And I was still awake. I am a sucker for chick flicks and sat up watching Mona Lisa Smile just because I paid $5 for it over a week before and still hadn't opened it yet. Once I put it in, I couldn't turn it off to go to bed, so I sat up and watched it. It went off literally ten minutes before he walked through our bedroom door. And then Dad called at 7:30. So much for sleep. Brady has been sick this weekend as well. He spent most of yesterday changing positions from sitting in front of the toilet to sitting on it. Yeah. Well today he is doing somewhat better. He is no longer sitting in front of the toilet but we had to get him medication to help ease his sitting on it. Unfortunately that meant I had to miss out on meeting my cousin's baby for the first time (she's here from Florida visiting), but I'd rather miss out than pass the bug along to one of them.

The kids begin their yearly school testing tomorrow and have been in bed for an hour now so that they can have their "good nights sleep." Yeah, right. Everyone one of them have been out of bed at least once twice since they've been in it. But I don't know anyone who could've honestly kept a straight face as Brady came up to me tonight to ask me if he has a six pack or a twelve pack while sucking in his stomach. I had the hardest time trying to keep a straight face and order him back to bed instead of stalling. I failed miserably. I snickered. Let me tell ya though, while I did not tell him that he has a six or a twelve pack, part of me envies that stomach, as it does have some serious muscle tone. Maybe I should start working on my "packs" so that I can ask him what I have. Maybe?

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