Sunday, April 27, 2008


This weekend Hubby got to come home early. He was home on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday or Sunday as he usually is. I requested that we go out to dinner on Friday night since I have cooked the last two weeks solid and could use the break. We chose to go to O'Charley's and eat something different than the fast food persuasion. After we ate, we drove by Dairy Queen and Bryce asked if we could have ice cream. Hubby gave our automatic "No!" that follows most questions that involve junk when I mumbled under my breath "Thought about it myself." We drove down to see the Ohio River and how much the water level had receded over the last few weeks when Hubby made the kids a deal. If they would behave on our trip home, he would go to DQ and get them ice cream. Of course they all agreed that they could behave while on the trip home. Instead of ordering my usual vanilla ice cream cone (not a fan of dipped cones), I ordered a blizzard. A chocolate extreme blizzard. It had chocolate brownie chunks, chocolate chunks and chocolate fudge. Need a chocolate fix? This blizzard can do that with the first couple of bites, the chocolate lovers dream.

Tonight Hubby decided that he wanted some ice cream after the kids went to bed. I had considered getting some when I was at the store but decided against it, so naturally we had none in the house. He offered to run and pick some up and I didn't decline. Then he asked what kind would I like. Chocolate, duh! And I thought he knew me.

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M said...

Well any good chocoholic knows that chocolate is the most important food group