Friday, April 11, 2008

More of the Same

The kids are gone. Again. Mom called earlier tonight and asked if we wanted to come over for grilled burgers. I hardly ever turn down a night to not cook. Belle immediately piped up, "Can we stay the night???"

So here I am, alone without Hubby or kids. And I needed it after a long week of them being on spring break. We've been through sleepovers, a board game, grocery shopping today, as well as a bout of strong spring storms last night. It's not often that I get to have a night to myself, and two weekends in a row is virtually unheard of. I am going to take advantage of it.

We did receive a good tidbit of news today from our health insurance company. They were nice enough to send us an explanation of benefits saying they were paying for Bryce's visit in December, even though they didn't have him listed until this month despite the fact we had been with this company for over two years now. The is same visit that I received a bill for lab work because they denied the claim. Maybe now the hospital will refile the claim for the lab work and it will all work itself out.

I got a small baby fix today. My neighbor had her baby the end of January, maybe February, and she brought him by today for me to see. And hold. And smell. Oh my gosh, how I miss that! He let me hold him, grinned at me and talked to me. I got to see his precious little dimples. How my heart ached for another one. Even when his sweet little face wrinkled up as he tuned up and almost cried. Brady was also impressed. He thinks we need another one too. Maybe soon I'll get another fix.


Ladybird said...

Exact opposite at my house this weekend. The neices called to see if they could spend the night with us. Birddog told them they could only come over if they brought the Wii! I have hi-jacked it and it is still at my house! MUUHAHAHA!! (That is my evil laugh!) I am getting pretty good at tennis and I am a pro at bowling! LOL!

ShortyMom said...

Enjoy that Wii!!! I'm one game away from having pro on tennis and Brady has been a pro on bowling for a couple of weeks. The youngest in the house is our pro and he's so proud of himself!