Thursday, March 19, 2009

According to Facebook....

Not much more has happened between last night and tonight, although I did come up with a couple of random things. Last weekend, I called Brady into the kids bathroom with me and handed him a rag. I sprayed the toilet seat down with lysol and had him clean. I did it again with the bottom of the seat and the toilet itself. Then I let him know that if he didn't start paying attention to his aim, that he would sit on that wet seat (like Belle does if she doesn't look first) then he would clean it. Again. While babysitting yesterday, I felt I'd better use the kids bathroom rather than my own because the baby was playing in the living room floor and it was closer. So before I even attempted to use the toilet, I inspected it first. Imagine my surprise when I found the darn thing was spotless! Not once has he wet the seat in the last five or six days! I was excited!

Today on Facebook, a friend of mine took one of the quizzes that passes through. It was the "How Many Kids Should You Have" quiz and it informed her that she should have two kids. She has three. So I felt the need to take the same quiz. Now based on how old I was going to be when I planned to have children (in my case when I did), how old my mom was when she had me, how many siblings I have and depending on which of the Beatles, the Beach Boys or the Monkees I liked best, the quiz informed me that I was supposed to have six kids. I have no idea what my choice in music had to do with this information and I can't remember what the other question I had to answer was either, but it just knew I was destined to have six kids. So this six kids business I had to share. I called Hubby and informed him that Facebook told me we were supposed to have six kids. His response? "Absolutely Not!" So I calmly informed him that Facebook told me we were supposed to so that should trump his need to not have another child. He did not feel the need that a social network should tell us the number of children to have. I tried!

In baby news though, I have spent the last two days eating up the baby boy that had the horror pleasure of staying with me. One cannot resist those chubby little cheeks with the precious little dimples and that big round belly that just screamed for to blow raspberries on it after I changed that diaper to get his precious little giggle. I got to cuddle with him today for a bit as he woke up good from his nap and smell his sweet baby lotion. I've got enough baby today to tide me over until tomorrow next weekish. I hope.

Belle performed tonight along with about 20 other fourth graders from her class for the board of education. They sang a song and performed a song on "boomwhackers" and I swear I knew that song! The song itself was calling something silly like Seriously Wacky or something like that but I know it from an old 50's or 60's song but I just can't put my finger on it. I knew it while they were playing it but my poor child-bearing memory lost it the minute I had to gather three kids and walk out the door to load them into my car. The kids performed well and Bryce and Brady were very well behaved the entire time we waited for the performance to start and finish. I even got quite a few compliments on how Brady decided to carry a book with him to read while waiting and how nice it was to see a boy so devoted to reading. If they only knew! Granted the boys has no qualms about reading and can put away a pretty good sized book (they all can) but he'd rather being playing video games than going through a good book.

After all this babysitting, chauffeuring, laundering, cooking, cleaning stuff that I've had to do over the last couple of days, I feel I've earned a nice, hot bath. So I'm going to enjoy some quiet as the kids sleep and I wind down for bed while plotting out my strategy to get the rest of my six kids.


janjanmom said...

3 suits me just fine. I have a friend who just had her sixth and I think she is great with hers but I'm glad it ain't me!! She has loads more patience and "nice" than I.

Ladybird said...

I can't wait to have another kiddo! Aren't belly rasberries the best!

Jennifer said...

Are you insane??? All that babysitting, chauffering, cooking, etc and you want to have MORE kids??? Good lord woman, take a Facebook quiz on which Carribbean Island you want to retire to and take THOSE results to heart!!!
Altho I occasionally suffer from babylust myself. I want a baby, just not another kid!!!

mr_e said...

I'm still trying to decide which one to sell