Monday, March 9, 2009

Beds and Brothers

The rest of Friday night finished up uneventfully. Belle spent the night with our neighbor, with explicit instructions to be home by 9:30 Saturday morning. Bryce had passed out by the time I finally got Brady to finish eating and in bed. I went to bed shortly after that.

Belle returned home at 7:30 Saturday morning complaining she wasn't feeling well. Nothing ever came from her complaints, she never got sick so she went about her normal day. Hubby got home around 10 after spending three nights sitting in Texas (sooo not happy about that). We went to the store around lunch time where Hubby took Brady to the toy section for a $5 toy (to make up for the money I forgot), scoring a new Bakugan, while Belle went with me complaining about how unfair the whole situation was. Now I'll have two happy children, one child happy and one in therapy about how she didn't get a $5 toy, or both children in therapy because one got a toy and I bought the other child off. If I'm really lucky, both children will grow up, have children of their own and realize that I only did what I could to keep things even. Bryce didn't voice his opinion about the situation so watch him be the one really affected by the whole situation.

We got back from the store yesterday and Hubby was looking over my shoulder at the corner of the kitchen with this odd look on his face. He turned me around to find Callie was in that corner giving herself a bath. In a fish tank. Ok, it doesn't have water in it but she was still in a fish tank.She finally curled up for a nap. Zeus couldn't be outdone so this morning he curled up on the back of my loveseat and used Bryce's hat for a pillow.Note the "Oh, no! Not again," expression.

We've been struggling with the boys over the last few months. They are at the point that Brady wants to play with Bryce but Bryce wants to play bigger games, games that really aren't fair to Brady. That leads to arguing and ultimately a big blow out. We're averaging at least one good blow out every two or three days. Here they are after Hubby sat them down for arguing yet again on Saturday evening.Notice they couldn't get any further apart on that bench. What your missing is the few minutes they had to hold hands while sitting on the bench. No way Bryce was going to get caught in photos holding his brothers hand!

Yesterday was uneventful. The kids played outside some before storms were to blow through and bring them in. The good thing is that the rain lasted all of thirty minutes before it blew over and they were back outside again. I dropped Hubby off at his truck last night and came home for Brady and Bryce to both inform me that they had homework. Due today. It was 8:30 and I was not a happy mother. They finished it up and went to bed under threats that if they gave me any crap today, they would be seriously paying. They got up with no problems. Imagine that. They're also under strict orders that any homework brought in on Friday will be done on Friday. Any book reports that are brought in will have the book chosen within a couple of days and the report will be completed as soon as the book is finished. I'm not going to do this battle again. That means Belle will be working on her science project assignment when she comes in this afternoon since it is due on the first. She's gonna love me!

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Ladybird said...

You sound so tough in your posts and for some reason I just can't hear you soft-spoken voice barking commands! LOL!