Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Few Dull Updates

I swear someone somewhere is determined to fix my internet addiction! Starting Saturday evening, my internet was offline more than it was on. And it was miserable for both me and Hubby, not that he will admit it. With Hubby being gone all week long, he is limited for time on the internet, so when it's in and out all weekend long it's very difficult for him to get any surfing done. What really hurt was Bryce had homework he had to work on for Wednesday and he wasn't able to get it completed until it finally came back up for good on Tuesday. I had every intention on taking him to the library or to my parents house if it wasn't up and running.

Friday night, Hubby called to let me know he was home just as Mom and Dad were down the street getting ready to pick up the kids. They pulled up and the kids had no idea the car was sitting in the driveway. Dad honked the horn and not one of them heard it so he opened the front door and told them if they were going with him, they'd better get moving. All three were out the door with their stuff in under 30 seconds. Wish he was around when it was time to get ready for the bus in the mornings!

Since it was almost six before Hubby and I got back into town Friday evening, we decided to eat at the house and rent a couple of movies. We ordered Chinese and watched The Haunting of Molly Hartley and Max Payne. Max Payne was ok, had a lot of twists and turns in it that made sense at the end and Molly Hartley was a typical horror flick. You always knew when something was coming. All in all, not a bad night. We picked the kids up around lunch on Saturday.

Saturday and Sunday were really uneventful. We hung around the house for the most part on both days. Hubby tuned up the tiller so that it was ready for when I decided to put out my garden. We had intended on making it to church on Sunday but none of us made it out of bed before 9am and since service started at 10, made it very difficult to be there on time.

Monday, Hubby was fitted for new glasses and went in for a check up following his last visit. Tuesday, he started the mower, tilled my garden plot, and cleaned out his truck for a new driving position that he will be starting next week where he will be getting a new truck. I vacuumed out my van yesterday, a task long over-due, in between laundry and dishes. Hubby left last night for the week.

Today, I got to babysit for my neighbor. He was a sweetheart, giggling, playing by himself a good part of the day, and eating a massive amount of food. I swear the boy is due a growth spurt for the amount of lunch he ate! He also took a couple of steps without help today when he thought I wasn't watching. His mom had told me she'd seen him do it a couple of times but I hadn't gotten to see it until today. The he grabbed hold of the arm of the couch and grinned that huge grin. Little stinker.

Tomorrow I get to babysit for him again as well. Belle is singing with a group of students from her fourth grade class for the board of education tomorrow night so I have to show up at a board meeting. Then I get to leave when she's finished. Aren't I horrible? As for now, I am off to bed after a very long night and a long day today. Maybe tomorrow will bring something a little more blog-worthy.


Ladybird said...

You always say that things are uneventful at your house, but I love reading about your 'boring' days! LOL!

janjanmom said...

If not for the "boring" posts, we wouldn't feel so connected to other bloggers, right?

mr_e said...

I love to read about your boredom thank you for sharing