Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Dream, a Cat and a Blizzard

It's funny how pets and dreams can make your life interesting. Early Saturday morning, I was in the middle of a dream, and while I honestly don't remember who I was talking to, I do remember telling them that when a cat rubs it's nose on you, it was loving on you and wanted you to pet it. While informing them of this bit of information, I had a cat in my arms who was rubbing it's nose across my cheek. Slowly, I came to realize that it wasn't just a dream. Zeus was sitting on my chest and was rubbing his nose across my cheek trying to wake me up. Funny, I didn't feel much like being loved on at 3am.

Hubby called the company he is driving for (not the company he is actually employed with) and informed them of his fears of getting caught in the blizzard that is currently blowing through the mid-west. They felt that if he could get north of it then he would be ok. What they didn't take into consideration is that federal drive laws only allow him to drive for so many hours during the day before he is required to take a 10 hour break. He left St. Louis this morning just after 7am and is currently stopped at a truck stop in Watertown, South Dakota. There, chances are, he will be for the next few days since they are expecting 6-10 inches of snow. Tonight. And another 3-5 inches of snow. Tomorrow. And another inch of snow. Tomorrow night. So I am anxious. I informed him that he is to stop at a truck stop where he has a choice of meals, bathroom, and a hotel nearby. He did just that. He is within all of those orders as well as at a stop that accepts the cards the drivers use when they need to purchase fuel at company expense. With any luck, they will be more prepared for this type of weather than we were and not lose power. If they do lose power, my hopes are that somewhere in the vicinity of where he is stopped there is a generator. So I wait until tomorrow to make sure he is alright. Before he hung up for sleep tonight, I made sure to get contact numbers from his company so that if he loses his cell phone I can try to get in contact with him through his computer in his truck. Please remember him as you go about your day. It was frightening enough to go through an ice storm at home without power but I can't imagine sitting out a blizzard in the back of a semi truck.

On the home front, my body has finally decided to betray me and get sick. I am in the process of coming down with one nasty cold. There is so much pressure in my head that my teeth ache. Tonight I'm hoping that the sudafed I just took will be enough to knock me out, at least until morning. So for now, I'm hunting down the tylenol and settling down so I don't have to think. Or move.


Ladybird said...

It is so funny how our dreams can reflect what is going on in the room. If I fall asleep watching television, I have the craziest dreams usually with the same sound effects of things that are happening on the television. It is really strange when the phone rings and I am in a deep sleep.

Hope that you are feeling better soon. It is starting to get too pretty to be sick, but my eyes have been sticky for two days now. Just our luck!

mr_e said...

I am sure hubby will be ok south dakota gets that weather all the time remember I live right next door in MN
Keep us posted

Jennifer said...

Oh man. I hope the Sudafed did the trick!! Feel better and I hope the hubby gets home safely!!