Monday, March 2, 2009

An Art Display

Friday I got a letter from the kids art teacher that Bryce and Belle both had artwork featured in a show that was to be open tonight. Bryce was indifferent at the time, but Belle was adamant. She wanted to go! Well after some checking, it seemed we were going to have to be at the art show for the schools latest orchestra concert Mascot* Idol (*enter the local county mascot for those who know us). So this afternoon we waded through some serious homework, had an early supper and made our way to the schools "Performing Arts" center.

Both kids had art quilts on display so I took pictures of them standing by their pieces.Bryce's is the curved piece above his head.Belle's is the piece on the bottom left corner, just below her sleeve.

The concert was a success with both kids playing a solo piece before the group performances. They have one last performance for the year coming up soon so that will be what they work towards next. Brady will be working toward how to sit through a performance without trying to take things out of my lap, curling up in the seat to lay down and asking questions that he knows can wait until after the show.

I have spent today curled up in a ball in a blanket. I'm freezing and nothing seems to help! My heat is on it's usual setting, I've turned on the logs for a bit and even under the blanket, I'm still cold. I'm hoping when I go to bed tonight that my electric blanket will help thaw the chill. Or maybe a hot bath will.

Last night, as Hubby and I was getting ready for bed, I asked him to run me a bath while I finished folding towels and put another load of laundry into the dryer. When I got to the bathroom a few minutes later, not only did I find a bath, but I found a bubble bath waiting for me! I was so excited especially since I was just expecting the tub of hot water. So sweet! I hated seeing him off to Texas this morning.

Tomorrow is Family Reading Night at the kids school. They get story time, pizza, and any test they take toward accelerated reading goals is doubled in points. It will run right up until bedtime. That always has it's pros and cons since they are usually pretty keyed up by the time we get home. So for now, I'm going to try and sleep so that I can face tomorrow night head on.


janjanmom said...

I hate days when I can't get warm!! I love electric blankets!!

The story night pizza party sounds very fun!!

Ladybird said...

I love that Bryce thought outside of the box and had a non-traditional shaped piece! How come they never had pizza night when we were in school? Or accelerated reading? You and I would have rocked at accelerated reading! Your nose was always in a book! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Your husband is so sweet. I wish mine would run me a bath and then go to Texas!!