Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recap of Family Reading Night and More

Family reading night went really well. The school sets up station based on grades and the kids spend 20 minutes in each station. One station is in the library where the kids read and take their reading tests for double the points. Another station is one of the classrooms where the kids go to play games or create an art project. The last station is story time in the gym where the school brings someone in to read the kids a story. This year the school brought in the local sheriff to read the stories. If his reading style didn't catch the kids attention, his gun certainly did! I admit though, his reading had them captivated. He had a way of emphasizing certain words with a well placed shout that had the kids laughing. It also helped that he read the 3rd and 4th graders a Dr. Seuss book they had never seen. Finally, after they had been to all the stations, they marched their way to the cafeteria for pizza, fruit, chips and drinks. They had a blast.

This afternoon I had a conference scheduled with Brady's teacher about his math. His mid-term report showed a grade that I knew was beneath his abilities. Brady called this morning and let me know that his teacher was absent today so that I didn't get to the school for my meeting only to find her gone. She called me from her home later this morning, letting me know her daughter was sick and that she needed to reschedule. We had a nice conversation about trying to get him to focus more by having him write down her instructions on how to work a problem. He gets a study guide on how to do the problem, I get a problem that lets me know how she taught him to work the problem (so he can't tell me that's not how she taught me!) and he gets to make sure he's focusing on what she's telling him to do. We'll see how well that works. She's also going to send home information on the schools tutoring club so that I can get him into that. One bonus is that she teaches the tutoring for his grade so he will be getting reinforcements from her and not someone else. More on that as things progress.

Now I am finally off to bed so that I can rise at 5:45 to shower before dropping my baby off by 7. He's leaving the state on a field trip, his first time leaving town without me or his daddy. I'm struggling with this. He's my baby! They're all getting too big...


Ladybird said...

He will have a blast at the museum. I have to admit that I am a little jealous! Clay got to go when he was in school, but we never did. They have such cool things to do that I can't wait until EC is a few years older.

ShortyMom said...

I think, if I can work it out, I might talk Hubby into going down to Nashville for a weekend this summer and take the kids to the museum and to the zoo. We'll see what happens.