Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back Up and Running

Friday morning I got up to put the kids on the bus and found my internet up and running. I went through my emails, looked at a few things trying to catch up on what I missed but time was limited. Hubby was on his way home and I would be driving to Tennessee to get him so I had to be showered and ready when he called to let me know that he was nearby. He was coming down right through the area so I was going to fall in behind him and follow him down to our destination. By the time we got home, it was just after 1pm. Shortly after, the ISP company called about the message I left. On Wednesday. A tech was in my driveway in under 15 minutes with a new modem. Of course I made it clear how unhappy I was that my modem was the problem and I had called three weeks before. A phone call that wasn't returned. So for now we're watching to see if the modem was actually the problem.

Friday afternoon, I went to the grocery and left Hubby to get the kids off the bus, because I'm nice that way. Honestly, he volunteered to stay behind while I got groceries. And I didn't hesitate to take him up on that offer because who could turn down a chance to grocery shop while the kids play at home? When I returned home, Belle had gone to a friends house on a play date, Brady was wanting a friend to come over for a play date and Hubby was on the roof. Yes, on the roof of our house. He was rewiring our tv antenna since we can't seem to get the signal to work after we split the cable. After crawling under the house three different times, we still haven't gotten the darn thing to work. Brady's friend came over to play, I went to get Belle around 5 and got to watch the neighbors baby for a bit during all of this. We finally ordered pizza for a late supper. Belle then volunteered for the first bath of the night. I bought her a razor while I was at the store and she was very excited at the idea of shaving for the first time. Words cannot describe how not ready I was for this step, but I knew that the time was right for her. We both survived the ordeal, her without a nick and me with my sanity still intact. I can say that it did bring me a bit of joy knowing that she still needed me when taking this step. She has a couple of friends that are shaving and has seen the effects of how a razor can cut. She wanted me to use the razor first and show her how to work it. She hasn't decided she's smarter than me yet!

Saturday started off about the same way. The kids got up and fixed themselves breakfast. Then started the running. Again. Brady went to the same friends house for a play date. Belle and Bryce ran around the house playing while making a lot of noise. And noise. And more noise. Hubby was still working on the tv, trying to get it up and running while I tackled mountains of laundry. Laundry that I am still trying to conquer, but has diminished greatly. I got to watch the baby again for a few minutes while his dad put down a new mailbox post after his fell over. Still enough time to take in that sweet baby smell and giggles. I don't think I sat down much over the course of Saturday to do anything except glance at an email. So much for a quiet day.

Today has been another day of running. We went for a Sunday paper and a few things from the store so that Hubby could leave again. I never pick up anything that Hubby will take in his truck on Friday because he never knows what he wants until the last minute. So we usually go to get it just before he leaves. Then I made a decent lunch so that Hubby could have a good meal before taking off again. We got him to his truck and I made the trip home in 75 minutes with no worries other than threatening to pull the car over and adjust a few kids attitudes. As of right now, Hubby is in St. Louis, getting ready to sleep for tonight. Unfortunately, he is supposed to be headed into North Dakota which is already under blizzard conditions. Tomorrow he will be calling the company he is running for to see if they can change the delivery for next week. The area he is delivering to is north of the storm, but he would still have to drive through it to get to his destination and as it stands right now, most of the roads in the south central part of the state has been put under an order from DOT that they be avoided. I'll be sure to update you on what happens tomorrow with his delivery. He is to call me for road conditions in the state before calling the company or pushing on. My hopes are that they turn him back for something else. I hope.

This is the last week of school for the kids before spring break. Parent-teacher conferences are on Thursday where I will get their report cards. Hopefully some of the grades will be better than what they brought home on their mid-term reports. We'll see what happens. I did forget to mention that a friend of mine let me know she saw Bryce's picture in the paper where he was student of the month for January. When I asked him about it (because I knew nothing about it) his response was, "So that's what that picture was for! They took our picture, told us to get a sucker and go back to class." I can only assume the reason he didn't know himself was because it was during the period of not listening to his teacher. He was awarded for fairness, the first time he has been awarded student of the month in a few years. He was excited when he found out.

Now that I think I am finally up to date on everything going on, I am going to call it a night. Six comes very quickly, especially if Zeus doesn't feel the need to let me sleep. That is a story I neglected to share, but definitely a topic for tomorrow!


Ladybird said...

I remember Tannette was learning to shave and didn't use any water. Her mom came to get her from school that you remember that?? I always remembered to shave with water after that. LOL! What a BIG step!

ShortyMom said...

I remember her razor burn but didn't know her Mom had come to get her that day. I always remembered to use water after that, too! It's amazing what we hear as kids that stick in our minds when adults LOL!