Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Drove Home from Tennessee

Just over a week ago, Hubby applied for a position within his company to drive strictly for one of their customers. Unfortunately this position doesn't get him home every day but does have it's benefits. He will get to drive more miles with this position than he has in the last six months, which is great. He will usually know the before the end of the week where next week will take him. By this past Thursday, we knew that Hubby would be going to North Carolina and Pennsylvania this coming week and would be home probably on Saturday. This position will allow him to keep his insurance through his company which means no wait time for it to kick in and no worries about pre-existing conditions. He will still be home every weekend since this company does not run weekend shifts. One bad thing about the job is that I have to take him to Dyersburg Tennessee every week and then return to get him at the end of the week, at least until we get another vehicle.

I hate driving like this.

I can drive around town, can drive to neighboring towns, but I can not stand having to drive well outside of my hometown that requires changing between major highways. This trip is roughly an hour and a half and in all fairness is not that difficult of a drive. I've taken longer trips to Indiana without Hubby to meet up with my sister-in-law. But I worry. I worry that I've missed my turn and should've taken the exit before. Then I start to panic because I don't remember this highway being this long before my next exit. Once I hit the Kentucky line on a highway I've driven since I was sixteen years old, I felt I could breathe again. I made the trip home tonight without any incidents. I drove home from Tennessee by myself, for the first time ever, with three kids in the car! And now? I'm going to sleep and hope that the trip doesn't haunt me in my dreams. Maybe tomorrow I will tackle another fear, but I will not make that decision tonight. Maybe tomorrow.


janjanmom said...

Yeah for conquering fears!! I salute you.

Ladybird said...

I love road trips! Next time you are at the library, grab a book on tape/cd. I bet the kids will even enjoy it. Glad you are pushing your limits!

Jennifer said...

Baby gotta take baby steps!! When Abby started playing competitive soccer and i was forced to drive her to tournaments all over the south, I had to face and conquer my own fear of driving. I used to hate driving in cities I'm not familiar with. Now I feel like I could conquer that circle thing in Paris that people in movies always get stuck in!!1