Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Medicine is an Awesome Thing

I wish I could say that I feel better today, but I definitely don't. The sudafed I bought to try to clear my head didn't really help. Last night, I struggled to get to sleep because my head was so stuffy. When I finally got to sleep good, the dogs barking woke me up again. I never did find out what caused them to start barking but Sophie was having a fit when I got up at 12:30. So I let them outside for a few minutes and put them back to bed. Just after 1, one of the kids got up and went to the bathroom. I never found out which one it was because they turned the lights out behind them and went to bed. At two, Sophie and Gracie had escaped from the laundry room where they sleep and Gracie began to bark in the hallway, waking me yet again. So I threw them outside again for a few minutes and put them back to bed. I finally got back to sleep before Zeus woke me at 5 to go outside. Then I didn't want to get up at 6 to put the kids on the bus. So after they got on the bus, I talked to Hubby (more on that in a bit) and went back to sleep on the couch. At 10, after I had been up for a bit, I got up and grabbed a shower so that I could go to the store. The longer I was up the more I realize that sudafed is not going to help everything that I was suffering from. So off it was to Wal-Mart for some serious drugs. By the time I left the store, I had things in my buggy to make enchiladas for supper, kleenex, orange juice and a box of Dayquil/Nyquil. Right now I am doing good on my Dayquil but that should be wearing off in the next hour or so. My ears aren't hurting, my teeth aren't hurting and I finally got rid of the headache that has held me captive all day. This mornings nap was not the only one I took. I also grabbed one about 1:30 this afternoon before the kids got home. When this dose of meds give up here shortly, I will be taking my Nyquil. Then I'm going to call it a night.

One thing I don't understand about medications is why they feel the need to adjust dosages. Dayquil has 325 mg of acetaminophen in each capsule. Two means that you are taking 650 mg of the same medication as tylenol. Extra-strength tylenol is 500mg and it is recommended that adults take two or 1000mg. Why then is the amount of acetaminophen in Dayquil/Nyquil is the equivalent of two regular strength tylenol?

Hubby is still stuck in South Dakota. He is fine, thank goodness, but the interstate he really needs to take is closed and the second round of snow has moved in but is expected to move out overnight. He made the mistake of turning off his truck last night, and by morning he was freezing even though he has a generator on the truck to keep it warm. He finally got it warmed back up this afternoon and I told him to leave it running. His company can eat the cost to keep him warm after sending him up there. The truck stop he is at is still open so he has been able to go in and move around as well as eat and warm up. He has gone to bed for the night hoping he can move at some point tomorrow. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

The kids are sleeping, finally but I'm afraid that Belle is attempting to come down with the same thing I have. They are excited about getting next week off for spring break and are antsy awaiting the end of this week. So much so they are driving me crazy with the things they are wanting to do. Hopefully, I will be over this before they go on spring break. It's so much easier to take care of the kids when I'm not sick.

Now I'm am going to finish my oj and get ready to take me some Nyquil. Hopefully the animals will sleep tonight.

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Ladybird said...

I was the NyQuil queen for years. Earlier this year, Kyle brought me home some TheraFlu liquid. BEST. STUFF. EVER. Worked for me....maybe you should give it a try. Fresh pineapple always makes me feel better too and works great on a scratchy throat.