Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something Has Gotten Into Me

And I'm not real sure what. First, I mentioned in one of my last two posts that I decided to try and make chocolate, chocolate chip muffins. From scratch. They were ok. I prefer they be a little sweeter and a little richer so I doubt I make them again, or at least that particular recipe. Yesterday, I had to run to the store for a craft that Bryce had to do for school and figured I'd try my hand at blueberry muffins and picked up some frozen blueberries. Usually we are simple people. Martha White Blueberry Muffin packets are usually the way to go. But? The kids and I both agree, the muffin itself was good but the blueberries were not. So much for that. I had one can of biscuits left over from my monkey bread craving and they had a recipe on the package for sugar donuts. They're in the oven now so I'll have to let you know how they turn out. I'm craving something but I just can't figure out for the life of me what it is I want. *Update* - Save yourself the trouble unless your craving canned biscuits with a buttery sugary glaze. Not what I wanted.

Today started out like a typical day. I didn't get to sleep until late last night so I didn't want to get up this morning. I put the kids on the bus, checked my emails and tried to take a nap. About the time I dozed off I started hearing a noise that I couldn't identify. So I sat up and found Gracie gnawing on a box that Hubby received last week. A box with his new work hats still inside. I had to get up and rescue the box before she demolished it (she had only bit a corner). I finally got to sleep and had been asleep close to 30 minutes when a friend called to let me know she and her daughter were on their way out of town. So I gave up and got up. I watched C.S.I. online and chatted with Hubby. At one point, I jumped up hollering because Callie walked across the desk in an attempt to catch the paper coming out of my printer and when I grabbed at her, she gracefully dumped a glass of ice water off into my lap. Hubby was very amused. She did not get the paper she was after. After I changed clothes, I walked through and picked up various things out of the living room floor so that I could eventually vacuum.

After the kids got home from school, I ran to the store to get a can drink for Brady's upcoming field trip (Ladybird, he's headed your way Friday!). I came home, had the kids pick up their things, vacuumed, put away the air mattress from Belle's sleepover weekend before last and got out my can of Pledge. And I started dusting my living room. I swear my dust cloth begged to be put into the washer after just wiping down the tv. I'm not ashamed to admit it took two cloths in order to finish the entire room. Have I mentioned how much I loathe housework? I cannot tell you which I detest more: mopping, dusting or folding laundry. This room is currently dusted, my desk is clean and you can find a seat on the couch and loveseat. My dishes are washed and my countertops and table are all wiped down. I can not tell you how long it has been since I have done this. I could tell you that I have every intention on keeping clean but honestly? Every time I make that vow I break it so why make it now? I'll just save my breath and bask in the glow of my clean computer monitor glaring on me.

I had a good day with the kids for the most part. They listened today. I didn't have to repeat myself time after time in order to get them to do what they needed to do. If I told them to pick something up, they did so. If I told them to get something, they did so. Until bedtime. That would be too easy. Belle was the only one who didn't stall about going to bed. So there was not a lot of fussing at them on my part. I was excited! Maybe tomorrow I can be that lucky! Maybe?


Ladybird said...

OOOOOHHH! Is he going to the science museum? They have a really cool program called BodyQuest going on right now. My friend was so excited that she got to fight pathogens! LOL!

ShortyMom said...

Yes he's headed for the science musuem. Their school spends 3/4 of the year raising money so they can take the trip. Leave by 7 and home at 8. Long day but they have so much fun!