Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fears, a Trip to Find a Wizard and Plans

Tuesday night, I had another one of those nights. It was warm enough that I had the kids windows and the living room windows up about two inches to let the breeze in. My bedroom window was completely open. Gracie had spent the night walking to the back door and barking. Cheech would walk back to the door and growl, but I couldn't see anything in the backyard that would tell me what they saw. Then came the truck. I was sitting on the couch, talking to Hubby, when a truck came creeping down my street. I mean so slow that I could walk faster than the truck was moving and the driver stayed on the brakes until he was out of sight. When I went to bed, I could not sleep. So I watched some tv and still couldn't get to sleep. Eventually I had to turn on a lamp just so I could doze off. Zeus woke me about three and I was finally at a point that I could turn the lamp off to sleep soundly. I hate those nights, especially when Hubby is in his truck.

This is where Belle found Callie on Wednesday morning. What you can't see in this picture is the layer of clothes that was stretched across the top of the basket, hiding her. The kids were so tickled to find her like this.

Yesterday I went on a quest to find space heaters. With the heater on my central unit being out, I still have to find ways to heat my home and while my new gas logs works wonders, it still gets very cold at night in the bedrooms. I went by Wal-Mart and Lowes to find that both stores had already sold out of heaters and were already stocking fans and window air conditioning units. So I went home empty handed. This morning, I got up when my alarm when off (an amazing feat since I didn't hit my snooze button) and started the logs so that the kids would have a little heat to get ready by. Then around lunch I went to the local Tru-Value store, to see if the wizard had a couple of space heaters. I found a version of this heater. The heater was a little bigger than I had intended on getting but I found heaters! They only had five or six on the end cap where I found them and I walked out with two for the kids bedrooms. I will sleep better tonight knowing that their rooms are warm.

Last night, I had Callie sleep in my bedroom so that she didn't go into the kids rooms with their doors open. As I climbed into bed, she had found her a warm spot, curled up on a turned down section of my bed right in the middle of my electric blanket. Guess she decided she was cold. As I laid there talking with Hubby on the phone, she was steady pouncing on my feet and hand as I moved around. She was determined that she was going to lay down on my pillow with her head through the blinds but after the fifth or sixth time of moving back down to the middle of the bed, she finally gave up and curled up behind my knees. Brady came into my room around 1:30 asking questions and got her stirred up again. He put her back into my room after she escaped and she went back to pouncing on the bed again. This time she decided to pounce up next to my head. I have a nice scratch about 1 1/2" long just above my eyebrow where her claw came down across my forehead. She spent the rest of the night sleep in a laundry basket in the bathroom.

Today, Mom called me and was talking about someone she had just ran into while at Dollar General. I let her know I had literally just past the same girl not 10 minutes before as I was getting ready to pull into Wal-Mart. That let me know she was in town and burning off some time before she had to go by her office. Since we were mere yards away from each other, she had me meet her in the parking lot so that she could give me Easter candy for the kids. This is what she handed me.I told her that I should hold on to them, give them to the kids tomorrow after school and bring them to her house. Yeah, let her handle the sugar buzz! Of course the kids were ecstatic. Belle spotted them first, handed them out to the boys and then asked "Are they from Memaw?" There's no small detail that gets past this girl let me tell ya. So I stretched out the conversation.

"Did I say anything about seeing Memaw today?"

"No, but are they?"

She knows all too well where candy like this comes from. I finally admitted that they did. "I knew it!" Of course she did. Belle took over the phone this evening as I talked to Mom and requested they get to come to her house tomorrow for a sleepover. So tomorrow they are headed to have some grandparent time and Hubby and I get a few minutes to ourselves.

Tonight as I got them ready for bed, things were easy. They took their showers when I told them to. All three kids were showered, dressed and ready for bed with teeth brushed by 7:30. So that's where they went. And they're were all asleep by 8pm. These nights are few and far between but I'll take them when they come.

As of tonight, there are no real plans for tomorrow night. Hubby will not be home until at least 5pm so that really limits what we will have time to do. That means probably a quick dinner and movie at home. An uninterrupted non-child approved movie. Wow. Doesn't that sound like fun?


Ladybird said...

Grandparents always give the best gifts! YUM! Enjoy your night!

janjanmom said...

Have a great night without the kiddos!!!

janjanmom said...

By the way, I'll drive by much faster in my truck next time I go by...(insert wicked laughter!!!)

I get creeped out when strangers drive down our dead end street. I think it is just being a mom in Today's world!!